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non-functional code what I immediately think of when I′m asked to work with ′non-functional requirements.′ If that′s what they want, I am only too willing and definitely more than capable of satisfying the request and have proved this many times in the past. Seriously, though, the way we are presented with these so-called non-functional requirements is amazing, as is the range of them. One of the most common ones is, ″It must be fast!″ Well what does that mean? Programmers are sometimes accused of being pedantic and selfish about what functionality they will let you have from a system but the other side of the coin is the miserly customer, the one who is unable, or refuses, to explain the true extent of the requirement. Fast is a relative term. We need to ask the customer, ″How will we know when it is fast enough?″ In other words, we need to quantify it so we can write a test for it. Tests are how we know that we′ve completed the task and can go on to the next one, or go home. Only when the tests ar