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agile pontypridd

Pontypridd must be just about the strangest town in the universe. Apparently, there are houses there with a very strange geometry, so strange that some of them may even be only possile in a multi-dimensional parallel quantum universe. The proof for this is simple. Whenever you meet someone from Pontypridd, mention Tom Jones, the famous singer. You will immediately get a response along the lines of, "I (or my mum/dad grandmother/grandfather) used to live next door to him (or his mum/dad, etc, etc)" This has led many to believe that PontyPridd consists of a couple of many-sided houses belonging to the Jones clan in the middle of the town with all the other domiciles arranged in a circle around them. Obviously, the number of houses next to these necessary to support the many claims of next-dooredness cannot be satified in the three dimensions of normal space, so we may have to imagine the town exists only partly in normal space and partly in that multi-dimensional parallel quant