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not what i meant (part two)

Currently, I'm staying in Bangalore and, as many of you may know, I like to keep myself presentable, so everyday I clean my shoes using the little tin of polish provided free by the hotel. Yesterday however, the housekeeping staff apparently didn't notice I'd used it and so didn't replace it, as they usually do when they make up the room. Now I could have gone, or called, down to the front desk to have them send me some up but it isn't really a big deal and it won't hurt my shoes to have them miss a day's polishing, so I just left a note on the bed this morning saying, "Shoe polish please." Imagine my surpise when I returned from work today to find there was still no sign of any shoe polish in the room but there was a very highly polished pair of trainers sitting where my grungy old gymn shoes had been this morning! Written requirements, eh? How can they not work? :)