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water babies

Some years back Colin, our intrepid consultant, needed to recruit a coach to help with the transformation at a customer site. On this particular day, he was interviewing what he thought would be an excellent prospect and had booked an interview room for the day so he could have some privacy. The candidate entered and Colin spent a little time chatting with him to put him at his ease. Once he felt the candidate had settled down he said, “Why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself and what you’re looking for in this engagement.” “Well,” said the candidate, “If you’ve read my CV, you’ll know I’ve been a coach for many years and have worked for many blue-chip companies. I’ve thought of myself as successful but, to be honest, I’ve always been a bit disappointed, too” Colin was curious and wanted to hear more about this. “So, tell me what you’ve been disappointed about.” he said. “The one thing that’s really disappointed me as a coach,” replied the candidate, “Is that so far, all of my custo