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eating it all?

It wasn′t that long ago when king-sized value packs were in fashion. Led by a trend for consumerism, it sometimes seemed the only way you could buy anything was in large or family size, big was beautiful and economy of scale was the order of the day. This still holds true, just as there will always be those who prefer to buy in bulk, there will always be products that are cheaper and easier to produce in batch quantities. However, the food industry, for one, has come to realise there are sections of our community who, for whatever reason, do not wish to purchase large quantities of their goods. These are not just people who don′t have the space for storage or the facilities to keep perishables in tip-top condition. More and more members of society are becoming aware of the health issues concerning the over-consumption of food and are turning away from consumption for consumption′s sake. Obesity has become a major threat to life in the western world. High-profile court cases, mainly in