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You hear the cry all too often. ″Our employees are our biggest asset″ This is usually issued as a proud boast intended to indicate the high level of ability within the braggart′s organisation. We are meant to infer from this that the high levels of individual skill are, in some way, due to good management on his part and his organisation is one worthy of the highest esteem. But there is a lie here! What the boaster is really saying is his company relies heavily on individual knowledge and skills because they have not been able to figure out a way of capturing tacit knowledge, making it explicit and available to everyone. Results in his organisation depend heavily on individual effort and any success they have has nothing to do with good management at all. Most of us in software development have probably been there too. This is the code-and-fix organisation where everyone is responsible for their own section of code, where knowledge exists in silos and is jealously guarded. As far as CM