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i do declare

Years ago, when I was a development manager one of my biggest problems was that nobody ever seemed to be able to tell me exactly where we were in the project! If I asked the developers, they would only ever tell me they were either 20% done or 80% done, even right up to the week before the work was due. Even when they were finished, there was no way of knowing the quality of the product until after it had gone through Quality Assurance. The other big problem was the Managing Director (we didn′t have CEOs, CIOs and CTOs in those days) hijacking developers to work on his own personal projects. Promises of a bonus combined with a warning not to tell anyone else occasionally left me bemused as to why things were taking so long. In those days I used traditional PM techniques and a well-known brand of project management software but even then couldn′t tell whether work was on track on a day-to-day basis. I would usually only find out work would be delayed on or around the due date, when a de